Art on the Hill: Featured Artist

A big thanks to Kettle Pot Tracks for choosing me to be their Featured Artist this week for their Art on the Hill series. Check out the visual artists and musicians featured on their site. Definitely worth it!

About Kettle Pot Tracks: 

"Originally the name I gave to the demos I recorded of my band—Kettle Pot Black—but it’s become a bit more since we began producing our series “On the Hill.”

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We have good equipment, good ears, and patience. Located in Lafayette Hill, PA, outside of Philadelphia, KPT is a welcoming, and incredible sounding space in which to record.

In our space we mostly work with singer-songwriters, though we will occasionally host bands. We also have the capability to do high-quality on-site recording, such as filming and recording live performances.

We support the production of the On the Hill series through contracted work: our rates are reasonable, our quality is high, and we pride ourselves on being very easy to work with. If you are interested in having KettlePot Tracks produce your next masterpiece, please drop us a line!"