It's Neck Warmer Season!

It's been a while but I am back to making neck warmers again and I am so excited!! I have spent the past couple of years focusing on raising my little one but since he began school I have some extra time to get back into creating these beauties. I absolutely love working with color...piecing and matching fabrics together...obsessing over precision...and and quite simply the meditative repetition of sewing. Visit my shop to view available neck warmers.



Neck Warmer, Neckwarmer, Scarf, Upcycled, Reconstructed, Fuchsia with Green Buttons
Neck Warmer, Neckwarmer, Scarf, Wrap, Cowl, Purple with Red and Black Plaid and Red buttons
Neck Warmer, Neckwarmer, Scarf, Crest Buttons, Brown with Houndstooth, Upcycled Clothing, Reconstructed